Collection: She Was Meant To Be

She Was Meant to Be 

This collection of self-portraits explores moments that were captured in time when the artist remembers feeling particularly empowered or incapable. The portrait style references photographic film negatives and explores the irony behind photos that are shared on social media that portray a positive picture of one’s life, but in fact, the opposite of what is being portrayed can often be the truth - much like the opposite image is captured in film negative. Although this collection was inspired by actual photographs of the artist, each painting also represents women as a collective who have experienced loss and grief and then found the strength to return to their authentic selves. 

'She Was Meant to Be' examines themes of love, hate and apathy; the paradox of existing in a state of hope and despair; emotional abuse and betrayal; truth and rage, and the exciting journey of a woman’s self-discovery and return to freedom. 

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